Nov 07

STAB! 196 – Spittoon Fists

Now you just hold it right there ya side windin’, lilly livered, no good low down son of a whut now! Ol’ Spittoon Fists is gonna give ya what for with a rappin’ from these here brassy mits-a-mine!

In this haymaker throwin’ episode of STAB!, John Morris Ross IV welcomes cow poke Bill Wallis, Jason Mack and Jesse Jones to share their three takes on HAM, nine roadkill eatin’ legalization haiku, their thoughts on Dagobert I, Thomas Edison, Alaska, Félicette the Space Cat, Canadian Women’s Personhood, Zac Efron, pick-up lines to the pyrus calleryana tree, sisters, and a woman at her parents’ funeral, and the synopsis of made up movies, “Oafish Deer Leg”, “Impartial Paste”, and “Convene Sugar Role”.

Now don’t let Spittoon Fists see you ‘round these parts again, varmint, or you’ll get more’ the same a that sloshy brown yuck justice splashed across yer shattered cheekbones! Three seasons Crackle! What would it really hurt?!

STAB! 196 - Spittoon Fists

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