Oct 24

STAB! 195 – Pretty Much

So, this is an episode of STAB! And, well, that’s pretty much it. You can listen to it, there’s no video, so listening to it is pretty much it. You can laugh at all the jokes and then, laugh some more I guess, that’s pretty much it.

In this episode of STAB!, Jesse Jones pretty much hosts guests Ryan King, Evan T. Lilley and Coreen Lemcke as they, pretty much share their three different takes on BCPL, nine haiku about punny dog poop flags, their explanations of righteous bud to a narc, spirituality to a can of soup, and “No!” to three toddlers, the synopsis of made-up movies, “Body of Horror”, “The Virtual Creatures”, & “Thanksgiving of Eternity” and the tourism guides for cities “Pretty-Muchington”, “The Bitchy Islands of Whatever”, & “Paranoia Falls”.

So, I mean, the show’s over, that’s pretty much it, so if you’re done, which you are, you can, like, go about the rest of your day I guess. Whatever it is, it’s pretty much not gonna be as good as this was though.

STAB! 195 - Pretty Much

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