Jan 24

STAB! 207 – Year End Blowout 2019

We usher out 2019 with a big STAB! Comedy Theater family edition of the STAB! program featuring John Morris Ross IV, Nick Magavern, Dylan Thomas Fox, Ruby Setnik, Stephen Ferris, Emma Haney, Court Hansen, Melony Ford, Sean Crandall, Christy Farley, Michelle Petro, Derek Dozier, Bill Wallis, Willie Travis, Cory Barringer, Kevin Scott Brown, Alyssa Cowan, and Jesse Jones as they trade their re-gifted white elephant presents between sharing with one another their four takes on THE END, nine Google searches from Comedy, twelve bad feces injecting mom haiku, the synopsis of made-up movies “Twist Future Jellyfish”, “Hot Beginner”, “Screeching Yam Fry”, & “Minister Egg Dead”, battle raps against curly fries, endangered species, Sacramento, & caramel corn, and the dating profiles of loose change, a party animal, & The Year 2019.

STAB! 207 - Year End Blowout 2019

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