Feb 24

STAB! 215 – Come At Us Crackle!

In this extremely cheap to produce program with almost limitless potential material and big name guest possibilities (come on Crackle! Pull the trigger!) called STAB! John Morris Ross IV welcomes Jaclyn Weiand, Dylan Thomas Fox, Madie Nishimi and Jesse Jones to share their four different kinds of SPLEENs, twelve Father Earth Google searches, their thoughts on burglar alarms, soap operas, New York City’s 24 Hour Race, the Cup Noodles Hawaiian Ladies Open, brain surgery, Dick Button, Alka Seltzer, and Beatles wallpaper, battle rap verses against a stack of pancakes, a cutting board, Madie’s Mom, and frogs, and synopsis for made-up movies “The Futuristic Rabbit Exchange”, “Favor Mask”, “Narrow Naughty Skid”, and “Shout Cakes”.

STAB! 215 - Come At Us Crackle!

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