May 15

STAB! 222 – Even More Fun Had

The whole Joe-Joe Has Fun crew returns again through the magic of social distancing as John Morris Ross IV and Jesse Jones (STAB! guys) welcome Joe-Joe Louis, Kim Martel and Jeff Brown (Joe-Joe Crew). They don’t rumble, instead, they share their four different COUCHes, twelve Roseanne Covid Conspiracy haiku, their thoughts on China/USA table tennis, Penn & Teller, Arbor Day, Event Horizon, The Beatles, Polio vaccine, the ASPCA, and Brian Setzer, the synopsis of made-up movies, “Small Glue Friend”, “Rabbit Instrument”, “Space Mash”, & “Anxious Thunder Leg”, and erotic poems about making a baby, endangered species, butter, & sheds.

STAB! 222 - Even More Fun Had

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