Dec 09

STAB! 241 – Honey Stomach

In this sweet, acidic episode of STAB!, totally buzzed host Jesse Jones welcomes a gut buster of a panel of Nick Pettigrew, Allie Rubin, & Christiana, to share with him their three takes on FUBAR, nine pieces found on the bathroom walls of “Hollywood”, various reviews of things, such as a Game Informer review of a Baby, an Amazon review of Allie’s High School experience, & a review of an Afterlife bought on Wish, who would win in fights between Mount Rushmore come to life vs. Chimpanzees with a Space Program, the protagonists of the Baby Sitters Club Books vs. a 30 foot tall Dean Koontz, & an Emotional Roller Coaster vs. a Standoffish Ferris Wheel, and the synopsis of made-up movies “The Toronto Labyrinth”, “Rage Children”, & “Drawing Grandfather”.

STAB! 241 - Honey Stomach

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