Dec 07

STAB! 240 – Why Is Hope A Thing?

In this mistakenly idealistic episode of the STAB! show, your wishful thinking host Jesse Jones welcomes guests Christy Farley, Rhoda Ramone & Tyler Kinney to share their three different CATs, nine Presidential election haiku, concession speeches from a diaper full of Hormel Chili who was running against a sports car made of spider, a pair of spats with a monocle running mate who ran against sock garters with a pearl cigarette holder running mate, & a hare who ran against a tortoise, the dating profiles of a Unicorn named Sunshine Sparkle Dancer, a boy band member, & a conspiracy theorist, and tourism guides for Mind-your-own-business-ton, The Super Pleasant City of Joy, & The Obsolete Islands.

STAB! 240 – Why Is Hope A Thing?

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