Nov 30

STAB! 239 – A Creamy, Gloopy Delight

In this viscous episode of the STAB! show, dribble host Jesse Jones welcomes panelist Jason B, Mark Burk & Jaclyn Weiand to share their three takes on CLDB, pick-up lines to and from a tool shed, diabetes, & a water park, campaign speeches from a swimsuit poster with a healthy serving of side boob running for President of a 13 year-old boy’s bedroom, a trade school running for “What The Fuck To Do With My Life” for a slacker waking up in his early 30’s and realizing he needs to get his shit together & a nostril running for “Coolest Hole” on the Human Body, recipes for the perfect dive bar, having a really neat time, & that person who’s just sayin’, and business pitches for a ceramic headed baby doll salesman in an otherwise well adjusted neighborhood, a Spirit Halloween store that stays open year ‘round, & selling friendship bracelets to biker gangs.

STAB! 239 – A Creamy, Gloopy Delight

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