Nov 20

STAB! 238 – So Many Bones

In this brittle, calcium deficient episode of the STAB! show, perfect Angel and host Jesse Jones welcomes Kim Martel, Kevin Scott Brown & Melony Ford to share their three different NIBs, nine UK Drug Liberalization Haiku, campaign speeches from an Oster Brand Rice Cooker running against an Instant Pot, a host of a debate style ranking show running for the job of host of a completely other DIFFERENT podcast show, & a wax bottle of juice running for President of Halloween candy, multiple reviews of things, like a Yelp review for Humanity, the comments left on the Report Card of Season 8 of Bones, & the YouTube comments on Optimism, and synopsis of new TV series the Scarlet Letter with plenty of explosions, the stories of Oz with Ghost Hunting, & Pride & Prejudice with Magical Girls.

STAB! 238 - So Many Bones

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