Apr 12

STAB! 255 – Let The Bodies Hit The Zune

In this rap-rockin’ edition of the STAB! show, host and biscuit limper Jesse Jones welcomes a nu panel of Eric James Barger I, Melony Ford & Nick Pettigrew to share their three very different HAGOs, nine scribbles from the bathroom walls of Capitalism, craigslist ads for hella sick scooter skills, a glamour shots style photo shoot for the buyer and their fur babies, & this dumb ring that just flew up to Nick still covered in alien blood and shit, the dating profiles of that shopping cart full of clearance Valentine’s candy by the grocery store entrance, finger guns, & a Zune full of Nu Metal, and the synopsis of new Fall TV shows, “Motorcycle University”, “Wonder Fighters”, & “Mind Busters”.

STAB! 255 - Let The Bodies Hit The Zune

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