Apr 14

STAB! 256 – Sorry Ma’am

In this very respectful edition of the STAB! show, boundary adhering host Jesse Jones extends a non-aggressive invitation to strong, independent panelists Becky Lynn, Daniel Kessenich & Alyssa Cowan to share with the group their three SCWTCAs, pick-up lines to and from a bowling alley, a jigsaw puzzle & a potted plant, recipes for a Marvel movie, a hella solid bro, & a company picnic, reviews including Becky’s Yelp review for the inside of her head, YouTube comments for Happiness, & an Amazon review for Seasons in Sacramento, and business pitches for a touchless car wash in the worn of Cuddlesburgh, a jerked meats salesman who sells through Middle Schools exclusively, & an airbrush t-shirt stall outside of a biker bar.

STAB! 256 - Sorry Ma’am

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