Apr 15

STAB! 283 – An Unfit Spartan Baby

In this sickly, scrawny episode of the STAB! show, your dashed on the rocks below host Jesse Jones welcomes a big, burly, bearded panel of Brett Stults, Derek Dozier & Nick Pettigrew to share their three takes on FFS, pick-up lines to and from a milk carton left in the fridge with barely a swig left in it, nachos ordered for the whole table, & insurance fraud, recipes for a rush hour traffic jam, chill times, & resentment, reviews of things including a Yelp review of Toxic Fandom, a Car & Driver review of Lime scooters, & a Rolling Stone review of the EDD hold music, and synopsis for new Fall TV shows The Next Top Parent, The Police of the Future, & American Coal Person.

STAB! 283 - An Unfit Spartan Baby

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