Apr 29

STAB! 382 – Building Skin Tolerance

In this super tough episode of the STAB! show, bubbling host Jesse Jones welcomes weirdly specifically toned guests Marco Cabodi, Steven Boyd & Eric Barger to share their three takes on OASIS, pick-up lines to and from an old issue of the TV Guide, a microwave spaghetti stained and blistered piece of tupperware, & face blindness, craigslist posts for all this shit still in your bag that you didn’t have time to deliver last week, spots in Steven’s new martial arts class teaching noogies and wedgies and other schoolyard style attacks, & a beautifully hand crafted dining room set made of the finest materials and with expert care, but everything is just like, 3 inches too short, dating profiles for the fish in every guy’s dating profile, someone who was recently turned into a tea pot, & someone really into Core Bordjin, and synopsis of made-up movies “Beyond Courage, New Blood”, “Dangerous Therapy”, & “Speed Action”.

STAB! 382 - Building Skin Tolerance

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