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Jan 21

STAB! 157 – Puff Sauce

You like to puff? You like to pour stuff on other things to make it taste different? What you need is Puff Sauce. Probably. So go on, get yer Puff Sauce, spill it on somethin’ ‘n eat it up yum! Tonight on this episode of STAB! sponsored by the sauce you love to puff, John …

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Jan 27

STAB! 010 – STAB! Turns 10!

For the like of your grand kids this is our oldest show to date…like you! I know it’s hard for you to hear these days, with the ringing in your ears from that WWII thing and all, but that’s no excuse for you not to listen to STAB! Just flick on the ol’ Victrola and …

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