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Oct 23

STAB! 352 – It Puts Dumb In Your Brain

In this good smart episode of the STAB! show, super genius guy host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel of unbrights Willie Travis, Ben Warheit & Nick Pettigrew to share their three CAWs, nine topical haiku about top secret documents, craigslist postings for some just kinda okay vibes, a lifetime supply of poison, & lab share …

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Jul 08

STAB! 322 – Woo! So Much Blood

Alright! Yeah! In this super vibed episode of the STAB! show, viscous host Jesse Jones (Woo!) welcomes a panel of crimson boys Kameron Schmid, Stephen Ferris, & Dylan Thomas Fox to share their three takes on CSA, nine pieces from the bathroom walls of the world of Looney Tunes, craigslist ads for buckets of blood, …

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Aug 10

STAB! 227 – Voluminous B-Hairs

In this lush, bouncin’ and behavin’ episode of the STAB! Show, host Jesse Jones welcomes panelists Court Hansen, Luke Soin & Alyssa Cowan to share their three different takes on PAM, pick-up lines to and from anxiety, wind & a dump truck full of kittens, the craigslist ads for the year 1918, some mellow ass …

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