Mar 15

STAB! 019 – “A Seventeen Syllable Sentence” or “Haiku Dispute”

And the sun will flicker and roil and blink out of the sky, like another absentee step-father who said eighteen months ago that he was just going to the liquor store for a pack of Camels! And the Earth, abandoned, alone in the night’s sky will spin off out of control, desperately clinging to any source of strength to protect it from the unending night, not at all metaphorically related to the previous scenario in any way! Fear the end! Know it is now! Know that its coming is YOUR fault, and that if you’d just been better or done your chores like you were asked, that things might have turned out differently!

In this STAB! session, guys named Jesse Fernandez, D.J. Sandhu and Tyler Kinney say at John Ross things about NYC lady smoking, Run DMC, pardoning Canadian draft dodgers, Detlef Schremp, a 4300 kilo coke boat, Christian Dior, Charlie Hebdo’s top Google searches, Oprah’s Ideal Tatas, Rabbit Pope Haiku fury, horrible poems about Nancy Kerrigan, racist shoes & evil twins, an impromptu Morgan-Freeman-off, Christian Dior again sorta, a star studded tribute to our hatred of the poor and evil shampoo magnates.

Great, now your grand-gas-giants are going to have to raise you, like they don’t have enough moons to take care of. Maybe peas weren’t so “yuck” NOW, were they?

STAB! 019 – “A Seventeen Syllable Sentence” or “Haiku Dispute”

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