Mar 23

STAB! 020 – Sharing

Hey, look over there! No, STAB! isn’t trying to trick you! Look over there! Quick! It’s not going to be there forever! Seriously, look! Oh, well, there it goes. STAB! hopes you’re happy now; you missed it. Don’t say STAB! didn’t try. You just didn’t trust us, which STAB! thinks speaks more to your problems than theirs. Just trust us, it was magical and you’ll never see anything like it ever again.

In this, the twentieth episode of a show called STAB!, Aaron Weaver, Danielle Mandella and Jesse Jones discuss their un-unique names, the superiority of realness, Karen Carpenter’s facebook page, The Offspring’s weather manipulation powers, Ice Rink Sex, black market organ harvesting, Hanna Barbera animation, the measles’ Google searches, spinning rims, sausage, slowing for the bone zone, Lady Golf land, Maroon 5’s confusing originality, remembering Missy Elliot still exists and the dating profiles of Isis leaders, a swinging Mrs. Clause and a Suge Knight, though not necessarily THE Suge Knight.

I’m sorry, maybe STAB!’s hurt you in the past. Maybe that’s why the lack of trust, but you’re going to have to believe us some ti– Ooh! Look over there!

STAB! 020 – Sharing

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