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Jun 17

STAB! 176 – Spoiler Alert

Don’t. Don’t even– No! Nothing. Don’t say a f– NOTHING! I don’t care. Don’t talk. Not even about anything at all. Period. Just let me get there without– SHUT IT! SHUT IT NOW! In this tight lipped episode of STAB!, host John Morris Ross IV welcomes guests Amy Estes, Daniel Humbarger, Grant Potter and Jesse …

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Mar 23

STAB! 020 – Sharing

Hey, look over there! No, STAB! isn’t trying to trick you! Look over there! Quick! It’s not going to be there forever! Seriously, look! Oh, well, there it goes. STAB! hopes you’re happy now; you missed it. Don’t say STAB! didn’t try. You just didn’t trust us, which STAB! thinks speaks more to your problems …

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