Aug 22

STAB! 087 – G-g-g-GHOSTS!

If there’s something strange, in the Mission District, who ya gonna call? STAB! host John Ross, and his guests Jon Gorman, Red Scott and Jesse Jones, obviously.

In this spectral episode of STAB! John talks to the fellas about Isaac Singer, The Night of the Murdered Poets, World Elephant Day, the home colonoscopy test, the first ship to ship space communication, South African Olympic bannings, three different kinds of BOOBS, nine Kentucky roller coaster decapitation haiku, synopsisasis for made-up movies “The Carrot Cake Chronicles”, “Barnes & Nobles?”, & “Hi, I’m Jeff”, and the dating profiles of: multiple shots of whiskey, a Civil War ghost & Spuds Mackenzie.

And hey, if you like this episode, in twenty years, we’ll do one just like it with an all female cast so you can lost your mind about it for no reason.

STAB! 087 - G-g-g-GHOSTS!

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