Jan 17

STAB! 272 – Jetski Jones

Whoa! Sick dove tail flip-a-ma-jig! Wow, bet you didn’t see THAT coming? On this hella gnar episode of the STAB! show, radical host Jesse (Jetski) Jones welcomes tan, tight and outta sight panelists Ben Rice, Brett Stults & Molly Doan to share their three takes on AKA, nine pick-up lines to or from an office potluck, Nebraska, & the most expensive car wash option at the gas station, craigslist postings for an imaginary friend, an old car you’ve been working on for years that you’re 100% positive is actually a transformer, & tickets to their free hug flipping seminar, angry poems about surf, turf, & smurfs, and the synopsis of made-up movies Parent Parents, Techno Sharks, & The Dishy Dragon.

STAB! 272 - Jetski Jones

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