Jan 18

STAB! 273 – Prime Prime Prime

CONSUME! Purchase! BE! In this, available for free shipping if you listen in the next 3 hours and 44 minutes episode of the STAB! show, a three pack of host Jesse Jones welcomes an Amazon Basics panel of Evan Nyarady, Corinne Nelson & Ben Feldman to share their three different FOAFs, nine Prime Day haiku, campaign speeches from a leftover flavor packet from a bag of Top Ramen, running for a seat on the spice rack, a potted plant, running for Sheriff of somebody’s first apartment, & a copy of Entertainment Weekly from 2004 running for Mayor of a dentist’s office waiting room, reviews of stuffs, including a Better Homes & Gardens review of Evan’s current living situation, Corinne’s performance review of her dreams, & an Amazon review of clouds, and tourism guides for Limp-Bizkit-tropolis, What’s-That-Supposed-To-Mean-sville, & Condensation-stantonoble.

STAB! 273 - Prime Prime Prime

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