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May 31

STAB! 384 – Gifteder and Talenteder

In this highly special episode of the STAB! show, bright and imaginative host Jesse Jones welcomes an EXTREMELY promising panel of Joe-Joe Louis, Ben Rice & Kim Martel to share their three(ish) takes on WADR, pick-up lines to and from gate keeping, a yappy little dog, & apartment living, closing arguments in defense of a …

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Oct 27

STAB! 356 – Long Live President Fency

In this well protected episode of the STAB! show, powerful and revered host Jesse Jones welcomes a beloved and feared panel of Jason Whitesel & Aubrey Zevallos to share their two OPDs, pick-up lines to or from a zoo, & a water feature, campaign speeches from a bottle of white out retiring from the desk …

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Oct 18

STAB! 346 – Purple Gary, Rip Off The Knob!

In this aggressively supportive episode of the STAB! show, head bangin’ dribble boy and host Jesse Jones invites a panel of thrash slop fundamentalists, Jack Marie, Daniel Kessenich & Cory Barringer to share their three SWSKBs, pick-up lines to or from the Downtown Ice Rink, the Old Sacramento Theater of Lights, & Free Downtown Holiday …

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