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Nov 29

STAB! 370 – The STAB! 5 & 10 Year Overblown Tournament Spectacular Finals

In this triumphant episode of the STAB! show, weary, proud host Jesse Jones welcomes an exultant panel of tournament finalists, Eric Barger, Jeff Brown & Molly Doan to share their three IFPUGs, bootleg of Road Rules, 90 Day Fiancé, & Project Runway, recipes for someone who gets unreasonably upset with people doing immature things, a …

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Nov 27

STAB! 369 – Popular Recording Artist

In this pleasingly known episode of the STAB! show, known host Jesse Jones welcomes a recognized panel of Daniel Kessenich, Michelle Petro & Jeff Brown to share their three takes on MYK, nine Spooky Season haiku, closing arguments in defense of candy corn, how literally anyone else sets up their bathroom, & three hours of …

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Nov 20

STAB! 366 – The Saddest Night of STAB!

In this, pretty expected episode of the STAB! show, nonplussed host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel of glum, including Jeff Brown, Christiana & Nick Pettigrew to share their three STABLUs, pick-up lines to and from Thanksgiving decorations, a toe ring, & the people in the picture of a Junior College course catalog, celebrations of Henry …

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Oct 18

STAB! 347 – A Gift Card For Online Therapy

In this perfect seasonal gift of an episode of the STAB! show, right off the spindle host Jesse Jones welcomes a convenient and clear headed panel in Aubrey Zevallos, Tavaris Smith, & Jeff Brown to share their three takes on AIWFC, greeting cards for “So, you saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus”, “Sorry to hear your …

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Oct 08

STAB! 337 – Hoot Hoot!

In this fever dream of an episode of the STAB! show, delirious host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel of figments of his own imagination including Sean Crandall, Jeff Brown & Jaclyn Weiand to share their three CDRAWs, nine haiku about Halloween and Election Day, campaign speeches for a jar of hard candy sticks running for …

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Oct 04

STAB! 313 – Big Chillin’ To The Max

In this super mellow, hella relaxes episode of the STAB! show, just some broseph and host Jesse Jones welcomes absolute laid back legends, Jeff Brown, Ashley Monique & Kim Martel to share their three NECs, bootleg versions of WebMD, Bing, & OnlyFans, recipes for a successful D&D campaign, a simple misunderstanding, & someone who’s actually …

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Jun 02

STAB! 288 – Rhoda! Rhoda! Rhoda!

In this chant worthy episode of STAB! (Rhoda!) your non-Rhoda host Jesse Jones (Rhoda!) welcomes electrifying guests Rhoda Ramone(!!!), Jeff Brown & Jack Brown to share with everyone their three different HAKAS, pick-up lines to or from a smash cake, action movies, & powdered drink mix, closing arguments in defense of a slow moving freight …

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Mar 10

STAB! 253 – I Think Your Profession is Noble

In this essential edition of the STAB! show, your freshly sanitized host Jesse Jones leads socially distanced panelists Kim Martel, Jeff Brown & Danielle Mandella in honking their horns after 7pm and THEN sharing their three RTFMs, pick-up lines to and from a craigslists love seat, back hair, & contactless delivery, their recipes for the …

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May 15

STAB! 222 – Even More Fun Had

The whole Joe-Joe Has Fun crew returns again through the magic of social distancing as John Morris Ross IV and Jesse Jones (STAB! guys) welcome Joe-Joe Louis, Kim Martel and Jeff Brown (Joe-Joe Crew). They don’t rumble, instead, they share their four different COUCHes, twelve Roseanne Covid Conspiracy haiku, their thoughts on China/USA table tennis, …

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Feb 03

STAB! 210 – Turn Up For Farts

Turn up for this latest turnip packed episode of STAB! as John Morris Ross IV invites guests Michelle Petro, Evan T. Lilley, Jeff Brown and Jesse Jones to share their four different S#!Ts, twelve slumlord Google searches, their thoughts on royal pelvises, VCRs, Australian Cricket, the Virgin Islands, Elizabeth Taylor, Ronald Reagan, Iran Contra, Sarah …

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